La Casa Inc. Legal Department

Generally, domestic violence victims have the odds against them. Many times they lack the financial ability to hire an attorney and can be intimidated by the abuser's attorney. Typically there is a lack of education and training necessary to properly represent themselves. Victims can face language barriers or be burdened by disabilities that make it difficult for them to advocate effectively without the assistance of counsel.

La Casa Inc. currently has one (1) full-time attorney to service the community. The legal department, as well as other La Casa Inc. staff, can assist victims in applying for an Order of Protection. The attorney represents domestic violence victims in court for hearings involving the Order of Protection or alleged violations of the Order. The legal department can help people enforce their orders and request the court punish wrong-doers who ignore the boundaries established by the court's orders. On a very limited basis, the legal department can also counsel, advise and assist victims with problems involving divorce, child custody, paternity proceedings, child support matters and property disputes.

La Casa's attorney is also available to conduct community workshops and help educate interested members of the community about the laws directed at domestic violence situations.

Persons needing assistance with an Order of Protection or wishing to file an Affidavit of Violation, regardless of income level, are welcome to just walk in & speak with a staff memberrs or they can call La Casa Inc., ask to speak with the attorney, & the attorney will assist them in making an appointment.